Healthcare & Porter Chairs


Alternative Back Cushion

The Alpha chair is an inexpensive solution to Portering needs but with many adjustable features to make this a comfortable all day chair that can be used at home.

The chair has adjustable seat depth, seat rake angle and back rest recline. The chair comes in 2 widths (18” and 20”) with a double seat cushion as standard, allowing simple seat height adjustment.

The cushion materials are 4 way stretch vapour permeable fabric which is washable up to 95°C. The use of VP fabric enables the chair to be optionally upgraded with different pressure relieving cushions.



Specifications for the Alpha chair are shown here.

Pressure management seat options are also available (please see below)


The Tintern Riser Porter Chair

The Tintern Riser Porter Chairs are mobile recliner chairs with optional single or dual tilt in space control.

  • Optional Single or Dual Tilt in Space actions
  • Optional full battery back up with freedom pack, no wires and up to 80 cycles
  • Various foam/gel seating options including high risk pressure relief (See Below for cushion options)
  • Any fabric
  • Easy to clean infection control option with magnetic cushions


Flexible positioning

PLEASE NOTE: The chair has a 25 stone weight capacity but most healthcare workers will struggle to manoeuvre clients over 15 stone in weight.


Electric & Manual versions

  1. Smooth electric tilt in space recline action, or manual leggiest operated by finger pull handle and handle with trigger for tilt in space recline
  2. The dual tilts in space in an identical manner to the single motor chairs. The extra motor allows adjustable back angle positioning
  3. Sliding foot tray
  4. Removable cushioning for seat depth alteration. Continuous leg support quilt with Visco foam as standard
  5. Four swivel castors, 2 at rear braked  


The Porter Range

These Porter Chairs can be made to whatever size and action type you require. The chair shown here is a 40 stone heavy leg lift (20 stone) porter chair with a seat width of 30". The chair and wheels are designed to support occupants but this would be in a static situation.

The mobile aspect of this chair is to move the chair without the service user in it. 2 nurses would not be able to push an occupant with a weight of 40 stone successfully. An optional electrically powered 5th wheel can be added to assist when portering heavy occupants.


Single tilt in space

Electric & Manual versions

  1. Smooth electric tilt in space recline action, or manual leg rest operated by finger pull handle and handle with trigger for tilt in space recline
  2. Sliding foot tray
  3. Removable cushioning for seat depth alteration. Continuous leg support quilt with Visco foam as standard
  4. Four swivel castors, The 2 at rear are braked


Bariatric BLTR 40 Stone

This picture shows you the Bariatric BLTR with the high extended leg rest when the chair is tilted, along with the strong leg rest and the 5th rear power assisted wheel.


Pressure Management

Different seat cushion options have all been extensively tested using a pressure mat which contains 120 different pressure sensors over the seating area of a chair. Pressure Mapping is unique to the individual user, the type of cushion and the relative position of the chair. However the mapping can give relative performance and a pressure map when comparing different cushions with the same user.

Please note that users with pressure relief concerns should seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist or Tissue Viability Specialist who can advise on the level of Pressure Relief required.

The Porter Chairs are designed for......

a range of users who require a combination of comfort, pressure management and posture control from their seating system.

The chair can be used in single or multi-user environments.

Porter chairs

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Porter chairs offer a Long-Term Postural and Pressure Management Seating Solution.

Adjustability of the chairs

Porter chair | Repose furniture | Primacare | Recliners

The adjustability of the chairs and the range of complementary accessories mean that the chairs are suitable for users who require specific support and positioning to achieve good posture.

Key Features


Postural Management

Using interchangeable back cushions and pressure seating options allows the user to achieve the most comfortable sitting positions and to achieve the correct posture.


Tilt in Space System

Using a Tilt-in-Space mechanism with independent leg elevation and back recline option provides a change of orientation and thus redistributes pressure from one area to another and maintains physical angles at the hips, knees and ankles.


Pressure Care Management

Using a Vapour Permeable Fabric with Four-way stretch allows alternative pressure care foams, cushions and gels to be incorporated in the seat offering low to high pressure care options to the user.

Complete Tilt-in-Space Technology

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Our Porta Range have an in-built Tilt-in-Space movement which is operated from the rear push handle allowing the chair to be gently reclined in a range of positions maintaining a constant back angle.

Independent Backrest Recline (manual only)

Recliner | Tilt-in-Space | Seminar Mechanisms (Frames) | Primacare

The backrest can be reclined independently providing a range of back angles. The back locks into position whenever the rear handle on the control bar is released. Enhanced posture and pressure management options are available by combining this movement with the legrest and footplate adjustment.

Independent Leglift Operation (manual only)


The manual Porter chairs come with an independent legrest facility which is operated by a clasp located on the side of the arm.

Porta Range Accessories

Lateral Back Cushion (standard)

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The cushion gives you moderate postural support to the lower back and trunk.

Arm Blockers

Porta Range | Recliner Chairs | Bespoke | Healthcare chairs | Recliners

Our Vapour Permeable arm blockers provide simple lateral support where required.

Soft Headrest (standard)

Porta Range | Recliner Chairs | Bespoke | Healthcare chairs | Recliners

A deep, ultra soft pillow that conforms to the shape of head and shoulders.

Soft Profiled Headrest

Porta Range | Recliner Chairs | Bespoke | Healthcare chairs | Recliners

A contoured soft pillow to fit shoulders, neck and providing a supportive head position.

Soft Butterfly Headrest


A soft pillow headrest which provides comfort along the curvature of the users nexk.

Deep Contoured Headrest


Excellent support to users who suffer with severe head movements and neck injury.

Shallow Channel Legrest


Our shallow channel legrest offers lateral support to the users leg position.

Deep Channel Legrest


Our deep channel legrest supports a more central leg position for the user.

Adjustable Footplate (standard)


A height adjustable footplate attaches to the  legrest, once elevated to support feet.

Leg Lift Operation


The leg lift clasp, which is located on the outside of the arm provides complete functionality, allowing the user to have their legs in the designed angle and position.

Recline Operation


The independent back recline is fully adjustable to suit the users specific requirements and can be operated by using the left-hand lever on the rear control bar.



The manual TIS with control bar adjustment is easy to tilt by operating the right-hand lever on the rear of the chair. This facility caters for a variety of pressure requirements.

Electric Porter chair with manual Tilt-in-Space

Powered  by either handset or paddle contrl, the electric porta offers a controlled Tilt-in-Space movement with electric leg lift and a manual Tilt-in-Space without leg lift.

To avoid electric cables we manufacture the chair can be manufactured with an in-built power oack (to maintain regular overnight charge required)