At BLR we understand that your mobility requirements are likely to change over time. As people steadily recover or disability increases, then the items needed to support assisted home living will alter. Equally there are those who wish to try a product for a prolonged period before committing to an outright purchase. This is why we provide MOBILITY RENTAL.

Below are a list of items and prices to guide you. However if what you need is not listed below then please still give us a call, we are sure we can help with your rental requirements.

*Please note: There will be an initial delivery and set up fee on most rental items. This will vary dependent on the product or number of products required. You will be made fully aware of this prior to the rental beginning. Full Terms & Conditions of our rental services are available for review HERE.


Rise & Recliner chair rentals

Recliner chairs - various models for all levels of mobility.  Great rental prices

Rental – Rise & Recline Single Motor Chairs
(Any size 18″ to 20″ – Maximum weight limit 14 stone)

MINIMUM RENTAL OF 1 MONTH APPLIES - this equates to a rental from just £2 per day

*Delivery & Set Up Fee Applies

Wheelchair Rental *From £14 per week

Wheelchair Rental - To support your mobility when out and about

Rental – Wheelchair
From £14 per Week

Rental – Rollater
From £14 per Week

*Delivery & Set Up Fee Applies

Mobility Scooter Rental *From £45 per week

Mobility Scooters available for rental to keep you moving

Rental – Boot Scooters
From £45 per Week

Rental – Bigger Scooters
From £60 per Week

*Delivery & Set Up Fee Applies

Bed Rental *From £40 per week

Bed rental service to support you and your mobility

Rental – Various Beds with differing facilities
From £40 per Week plus mattress

*Delivery & Set Up Fee Applies

Porter Chair Rental *From £20 per week

Porter/Care chairs available for rental

Rental - From £20 per week

*Delivery & Set Up Fee Applies